Illusory Superiority

(catching up on LTP blog posts)   Lots of school owners say they run their schools to cater to the needs of their students.   In a survey in 1981, 93% of U.S. drivers rated themselves as having above-average driving skills. This is obviously impossible. It demonstrates illusory superiority and shows how irrational, even deluded, … Read more


  (Catching up on LTP posts)   In 1960 in the article “Marketing Myopia” published by the Harvard Business Review, Ted Levitt wrote, “No one buys a quarter-inch drill bit because they need a quarter-inch drill bit. What they need is a quarter-inch hole. That’s what you should sell them.”   In 2018 in This is … Read more

Destroying Education

In August I took part in MOOSE – massive open online sessions – facilitated by Online Teaching Japan. OTJ arose as teachers organised to help each other to transition online during the COVID-enforced lockdown. It’s a great group: This is the session I lead. (Video and document links below). Destroying Education Education is not … Read more

Running a School: How to be Idle, Part 2

  The second in an occasional, irreverent series looking at the lesser-reported charms of school ownership.   After struggling out of bed just before noon, you probably have a coffee. This is a good idea.   Don’t even think about all those systems and history that have gone into making it so easy for ‘you … Read more

Running a School: How to be Idle

The first in an occasional, irreverent series looking at the lesser-reported charms of school ownership.   There are lots of how-to guides, online gurus, coaches and people who claim to have a method for something.   There are lots of people doing their own thing.   Many of them fall into the same trap at … Read more

Happy New Year

We hope 2020 will turn out to be a fantastic Year of the Rat for everybody; that you will all be scooting about hither and thither in prosperous endeavours.   Here at Moran Towers, we’re feeling effects of lounging around doing pretty little for two weeks.   From next week, we get back to it.

Merry Christmas

  Dear All,   Many thanks for reading the Moran Actually blog in 2019.   Writing it has reminded me of why I do certain things and helped me focus on others for the future.   Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope some of what we’ve written has been of some use. … Read more
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