Key Points

• Students can write, draw or type on any screen (using Chrome or Safari)

The worksheets run on a browser on any device and there are simple tools for writing, drawing or typing on the screen.

• You can view all your students’ work online

You have a library where you can see all your students’ work online.

• Students can see your comments and corrections online

Students can see any comments, grades or corrections that you make on their worksheets.

• Use your own worksheets or use downloads from our library

Use any worksheets, though please don’t use copyrighted material without permission.

Free of Charge

• Free of charge.

The worksheet system is a service to support our community of teachers and is free of charge. You can keep up to 20 worksheets in your library at one time, which is more than enough. You can use each of these worksheets with many students, and delete them when you don’t need them any more.

• Pro version? (Extra features might be added at some point in future)

On paper, there already is a pro version, but there is no reason to use it. At some point, there might be developments that will make it worth upgrading, but there are no plans at the moment. With the pro version, you can currently keep more than 20 worksheets in your library at one time, though if you delete worksheets you are not currently using, there is no need to upgrade just for this.


Two-minute Tutorial Video

Click here for a quick tutorial: 

Step 1: Upload a worksheet

You can drag and drop worksheets or select them from your computer. Pdf, png, jpg or tiff files are supported. The upload limit for a worksheet is 14 pages and/or 10 mb.

Step 2: Share the worksheet link with your students

Your worksheets are kept in a library. Click on the share button next to a worksheet to generate a link.

Step 3: Your worksheet is instantly interactive

The worksheet can be viewed in a browser on any screen, and students can write, type or draw on the screen.

Students can write

Students can type


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