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Write a key to pass EIKEN 3


Since the EIKEN Foundation of Japan removed the word order section in EIKEN Grade 3 and replaced it with a writing section, we have reached the conclusion that teaching children how to write essays is the key to their passing the test. The word order section comprised 5 items among the 35 items of the reading section of the test until paper 2016-3. In paper 2017-1, these items were removed leaving 30 items in the reading section, and 1 item was included as the writing section comprising 25% of the total available test marks.


Even though it is only one question, the writing section of EIKEN 3 is worth 1/4 of the total points.

Consequently, we use worksheets that ensure examinees know what is required and how to structure their response. These worksheets give students a template for the writing task and the lessons also involve reading, speaking and listening. The series of worksheets are designed to develop the students’ skills starting with a cloze type exercise where they learn and memorize a template after inserting classroom generated words. As students learn to use the template, they may work in small groups, pairs or independently with minimum teacher input.


Sample: Lesson plan 1


Sample: Worksheet 1 & example answers


We advise you to make such worksheets to give your students a key to pass EIKEN 3.

Alternatively, for just 500 yen tax included, busy teachers can purchase a ready-made tried and tested complete set here as described below, which can be copied and used in the purchaser’s school.

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