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Would you consider using meditation in your kids class?

Would you consider using meditation in your kids English class ?


Recently on I had the honor of interviewing Andy Puddicombe, who is the founder of the meditation App. Headspace. Andy is a man with a fascinating story that takes him from studying sports science in the UK, living for 10 years as a monk in the temples of Tibet, India and China through to teaching English and meditation and founding Headspace. To check out our interview in full, click on the link below: –

Click Here for the Andy Puddicombe – Headspace interview.


During my conversations with Andy, we discussed the benefits of teaching kids basic meditation skills, which started me thinking about how we could apply them in our kids classes.


Personally I like the idea and think its worth exploring further.  Perhaps we shouldn’t call it meditation because of some of the misconceptions associated with the practice. We don’t want to scare the mothers and lose students!! However, we could quite easily disguise it as “ concentration practice” or “calm training” etc.

Andy Puddicombe


The benefits are obvious because by using it to start your lesson, it gives you a tool to calm the kids down, help them to focus on study and teach them skills that they can continue to use in adult life.


The headspace App includes a short course for kids based on 1,3 and 5 minute sessions. Andy has a beautiful soothing voice and he speaks slowly and clearly using simple English words. The vocabulary includes counting, body parts, body movement instructions and lots of meditation related words like, calm, breath in/out, relax, eyes open/close etc, all useful for kids.



I would be interested to hear any constructive feedback you have on this topic and in particular how we could further integrate kids meditation into our curriculums to aid the learning process?


Ian Simpson

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