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Words and Scents




Students and teacher sit in a circle. Teacher holds up a flashcard and whispers the target language to the student next to them. 

T: It’s a (clothing).

The first student takes the card from the teacher, passes it to the next student and whispers the vocabulary to them. The card is passed around the circle until it reaches the teacher again.

T: What is it?

S together: It’s a (clothing).

Repeat for remaining cards.



T: It’s a (clothing).


T: What is it?

S一緒に: It’s a (clothing).



Matching Scents


Using what is in your kitchen or things you can buy cheaply, make scent bottles or bags. For example, the red bottle could contain something that smells like strawberry, cherry or apple. Blue could smell like water or blueberries. Yellow can be lemons or bananas, and green, mint or another herby smell. Anything that you think the students will identify with. With students aged 5 and up, see if they can match the smell in the bottle or bag to the same smell in another bottle or bag. It’s like the memory game, but with smells. Take it a step further and ask students to bring something that they think smells like their favorite color to class to share.



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