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Where’s my flute?


Classical Circles

Use with Happy Valley 2 Unit 7


Put flashcards randomly around on the floor in a circle. Students choose one magic word (e.g., flute). Play a piece of classical music and move around according to the music. For example, Glenn Gould’s “Sonata No. 13 in E Flat Major” is a great one! Move your bodies up and down as you walk (low/quiet parts walk with bent legs, loud/high parts scurry on tiptoes). When you stop the music, everyone grabs a card and says what they have. As the students get the hang of the language, the student with the magic card pretends to play that instrument.

T: What’s … doing?

S: …’s playing the flute.

Put cards back and the student who got the magic card chooses the next magic word.



T: What’s … doing?

S: …’s playing the flute.



Where Is It?

Use with Happy Valley 2 Unit 9


Using what you have in your classroom, make a shelf (for example, the ledge of the white board) and closet (a metal case for colored pencils). Using those and the floor, students place the flashcards in, on, under or by the different objects while the teacher isn’t looking.

T: Where’s my tiara?

S: By. (or as students get better, By the closet.)

Repeat until all things have been hidden and found. Students then take the teacher role.



T: Where’s my tiara?

S: By. (生徒が上手になってきたら、By the closet)


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