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Where’s Kinka? On the Slide!


In, On, Under, By

Use with Happy Valley 3 Units 5 and 9


Put students into pairs. Using bodies, students demonstrate in, on, under, by. For example, one student holds their arms in a circle around another student to show “in.” Alternatively, using a box, bag or other receptacle and a chair, have students act out on, in, under and by. For example, stand on the chair for “on.”


生徒をペアにします。体を使いながら、生徒がin, on, under byを表現します。例えば、一人の生徒が別の生徒を囲むように腕を回しin を示します。または、箱や袋、その他の容器と椅子を使い、生徒たちがon, in, under そしてbyを表現します。生徒が椅子の上に立てばon ですね。


Where’s Kinka?


Prepare Phonanimal, Kinka and Pinka flashcards. Give students playground flashcards. Have the students put them around the room to make a playground. Give the students the character flashcards and have them place them by the playground flashcards.

T: Where’s Kinka?

S: Kinka’s by the slide.

The student who answers first, gets the character card and then becomes the teacher, asking, “Where’s Pinka?” and so on. The student with the most cards at the end wins! Or, play with a timer, trying to get all the cards before it goes off.



T: Where’s Kinka?

S: Kinka’s by the slide.

最初に答えた生徒がキャラクターのフラッシュカードを取って、先生になり、“Where’s Pinka?” のように質問します。一番たくさんフラッシュカードを持っている生徒が勝ちです。または、タイマーを使い、皆でタイマーが終了するまでに全てのフラッシュカードを取ろうとします。

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