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What do you want to make?


Play Dough Food


For any Happy Valley unit with food, have students make mini versions out of play dough. The next week, go shopping or play restaurant using printed fake money.




Work Areas

Recommended for Happy Valley 3 Unit 2


Set up corners in the room where students can choose an activity that they want to do. Teacher can monitor and ask students questions, but give them time to just enjoy the activity. For example, put the A-Z cards for students to put in order. Or put the blocks up and they can build something. Put the color word flashcards out with colors and see if they can match them all. Put out some books and let them look through them. Put a toy microphone out and if they want to sing, put on a song they are good at singing. Put out a doll that can be dressed up. Put out a toy range with some food for them to cook. This can be done at any point in the lesson, but you have to make some time for it. Set a timer so the students know it is time to stop and do a quick clean up when the timer goes off. Alternatively, the students can decide and all do together.

S1: Let’s sing.

All students sing a chosen song together.

S2: Let’s build.

All students build something together until the timer goes off.


部屋の一部を生徒が好きなアクティビティができるコーナーにします。先生は生徒たちを観察し、質問をします。ただし、アクティビティを楽しめるだけの十分な時間を与えてください。例えば、AからZのフラッシュカードを置き、生徒に順番に並べさせます。 または、ブロックを積んで何か好きなものを作らせます。色のフラッシュカードと色を用意し、すべてマッチさせられるかチェックします。本を何冊か用意し、中を見させます。おもちゃのマイクを用意し、生徒が歌いたがれば得意な歌を歌ってもらいます。人形を用意し、着せ替えをします。様々な食べ物を用意し、調理してもらいます。これはレッスンのどの段階で行ってもよいでしょう。ただし、そのために時間を設けておく必要があります。生徒に終わりの時間を知らせるためのタイマーをセットし、タイマーが鳴ったら素早く片付けさせてくだ さい。または、生徒が決めて、みんなで一緒にやっても良いでしょう。

S1: Let’s sing.


S2: Let’s build.


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