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Welcome to Gwiz Journals!

Welcome to G-wiz Journals!


G-wiz is an English language school based in the beautiful city of Kagoshima in Kyushu, Japan. We even have our own volcano – Sakurajima – just across the bay! That is why we are known as the ‘Naples of Japan.’


Our teaching staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, making this a very multicultural environment to work in.  The teachers, Ashley, Erin and Ailsa are from Canada, America and Australia respectively.


Here at G-wiz we want students to freely express themselves, so we provide the means, knowledge, techniques and tools available for our students to achieve this. Class sizes are small, lessons are educational and learning is fun. We believe in quality over quantity, and so we try our hardest to teach as best as we can with our own unique curriculum and materials.


We hope that you enjoy your time on this blog. Over the coming months, we hope to build it up with a number of educational, useful, insightful and funny articles.


So, welcome to G-wiz Journals – take a look around!

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