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Webinar on Building a Healthy School Culture

As many of you know, two things I find to be very important as a school owner are learning from others and a strong culture.  This Sunday will be an opportunity to combine both of those.  The JALT School Owners’ SIG and Lixon Education are sponsoring a Webinar where one of my managers and I will talk about specific and concrete ways we develop a strong culture:  The live version will be from 10:00-11:00 Sunday (6/25) morning, but if you sign up you can also view an archived recording.  The recording will obviously not allow for questions, however. 😉


Please see the abstract below:


It is said that culture trumps strategy.  MY English School, based in Yamagata Prefecture, has 17 fulltime teachers, an annual teacher retention rate of 85%, and growth from 100 students to over 900 since 2008 even in one of Japan’s less-populated prefectures.  These growth and retention rates are made possible by the strong culture at the school, a culture proactively cultivated over time.

This webinar highlights many of the strategies MY English School employs to build a professional and positive school/corporate culture that leads to quality lessons, student growth, positive peer pressure in regard to professional development, and high teacher retention.

After a short MY English School introduction highlighting its history, staff, and facilities the presenter will cover the following and more:
1) Teacher hiring and vetting procedures
2) Starting with trust and creating positive peer pressure
3) Prioritizing professionalism and professional development
4) Creating opportunities for responsibility and personal growth
5) Resources for further development and learning

This will be followed by an opportunity for questions of the presenter and the strategies presented.

This webinar is based on Ryan Hagglund’s poster presentation at the 2017 JALT PanSIG conference and presentation at the 2017 Nagoya ETJ Expo.  It is sponsored by the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) School Owners’ Special Interest Group (SIG) and Lixon Education, creator of the Lixon Library system.

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