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Using Innova Graded Readers


Innova Graded Readers gradually introduce more vocabulary and sentence structures, so it’s best to introduce the books in order. The books are color-coded by grade and numbered in order on the covers. Here are some tips for using the readers.


When reading with a child, first look together at the illustration on the page. Review the vocabulary they already know and look at the new words that are labeled in the picture. Don’t worry about perfect pronunciation and article use. The focus is on reading, not grammar or speaking.


Next, look at the speech and thought bubbles in the picture. Have the child read them; help with pronunciation if needed, but don’t worry about making it perfect. What does the child think happens on this page based on the picture?


Now it’s time to look at the black text on the left-hand page and listen to the audio of the story. Have the child follow along with a finger on the page. Audio-assisted reading helps link the sound and sight of each word. Play the audio again, and this time have the child point to the relevant parts of the illustration.


Next, pause the audio after each sentence and have the child repeat it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it may take a few tries. After that, the child can try to read the text aloud without help from the audio.


To check comprehension, have the child explain the pictures from the story. More fun than simple comprehension check questions is to ask the child to correct a parent or teacher’s mistakes. For example, say, “A fox is in a tree,” and let the child correct fox to bird.


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