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Unleash the inner rock star in you and your students – Fun Activity


  • To unleash the inner rock star in you and your students
  • To add fun to the class by using simple arts and crafts and to review past language and vocabulary.


Materials Required:

  • Musical instruments flash cards (available here)
  • Colored pencils, crayons or markers.
  • Cardboard box or premade template (available here)
  • Song: Can you play guitar? (available here)



  • Vocabulary: Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drums
  • Target language: Can you play the_____ ?


When teaching young learners it’s great to use activities in the lesson. Activities are fun and bring energy to the classroom and give everyone the chance to participate.


What is a good activity? A good activity is one that includes the target language and vocabulary you are teaching in the lesson as well as reviewing past target language, vocabulary, phonics, and alphabet. I will be engaging in as much conversation as possible with my students during this activity. Asking questions and drilling vocabulary. I will be focusing on reviewing colors, shapes and phonics, but you can introduce anything you wish. It’s up to you.


My favorite activities also include something tangible that the students can take home with them. Making something in class that the students can take home is also a great way to indirectly communicate with your student’s parents. When they get home they will want to show the parents what they have done. This engages the parents in a conversation with their child about English class.


That is a good thing. Making things like we will today also creates great photo opportunities. You can use these photos on your website or advertising of any kind.


This activity and song is a lot of fun. The more energy and silliness that you put in the more your students will enjoy it. Remember we are all rock stars in this song. We all can play the guitar, the piano, the violin and the drums.


Be Chuck Berry!


Find the flamboyant Liberace in you.


Channel your inner Andre Rieu and strap yourself into the drum cage of Tommy Lee while you nail your drum solo. 


Ready to rock?


After 4.    1, 2…     1, 2, 3, 4 !!!!


Click here for the YouTube channel



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