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Transcriptions of the 29 videos from Small Changes

Dear Fellow Explorers,

Some have said that the audio on the videos is sometimes hard to follow. So I hav transcribed each one. Here is the rationale in a bit more detail.

Reasons for transcribing Videos

I use the word transcribe, or some variation of it—transcribing, transcribed, etc.—close to 100 times in the text of Small Changes in Teaching. I use small changes around 60 times, excluding the number of times these words are used at the top of pages to indicate the title of the book.

No other word comes close in frequency to transcribe. Analyzing, another theme of the book, I use only 14 times, experiment 19 times.

So why not follow my own advice?

Well, as Gregory Bateson reminds us, “The obvious is often difficult to see.” (Mentioned 4 times.)

And I was so excited about achieving a dream I had had for decades to produce videos illustrating students doing activities I advocated that I did not notice that some of the audio was difficult to follow until some teachers who were using the book pointed this obvious fact out to me.

So thanks to those who used the videos and pointed out how difficult the teachers they worked with found the audio. I am eternally grateful.

As you know, I advocate the integration of the 4 skills, plus the often ignored, the 5 th skill: emotion.

So now, Small Changes in Teaching is available in print, digital format, an audio book, videos and transcriptions of the videos. I am grateful to editors of TEFLology for suggesting an audio book s well as posting many of the chapters on their podcast.

I remind you all to ask your students to comment on what you do. In my case, I have been blessed because those who have

1 experienced workshops with me or some version of Small Changes have suggested alternatives without my asking. A very touching experience.

Enjoy, enjoy.


PS I will send one per week. In the meantime, TEFLology has put recordings of a few chapters on its PODcast both to share my ideas and to promote the soon to be produced Audiobook version of Small Changes.

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