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The KEY for successful marketing – You must know, but might not do yet

Actually, I had tried all the marketing strategies that you can think of, 
but none of them worked well. 
But in 2015 I finally managed to double the number of my students, from 50 to 100.
Because I did …



Hey, it’s J. 
Today I’m gonna talk about the KEY for successful marketing.
Let’s get right to the point,
Which ad sounds more attractive to you? 
A: Marketing Tips for Business Owners
B: Marketing Tips for School Owners – How to get more students and free up your life! 
It’s obviously B, right? 
You might’ve even felt  “Oh yeah, this is exactly for me”
They are pretty much the same ads but what makes the difference? 
Copywriting skill?
Actually, it’s “Research”
I’ve done a lot of research and asked many school owners about their needs and wants.
And I’m a school owner too, so  I could’ve just thought about what I needed and wanted, lol
Why is this so crucial? 
You, as a consumer, wouldn’t want to buy anything from someone who had no idea what you wanted, right? 
I definitely wouldn’t because I wouldn’t think they could provide services or products that solve my problems.
Actually, I had tried all the marketing strategies that you can possibly think of, but none of them worked well. 
But in 2015 I doubled the number of my students, from 50 to 100. 
Because I did A LOT of research and found out my potential customers needs & wants.  
Here’s what I found out about mine:
・mainly moms aged 33 – 37 years old with kids aged 3 – 5 years old
    (A lots of dads are becoming more involved with decisions for Jyuku and stuff, which is great! 
    But in my area, it’s still mainly moms that make the decision)
・worried about their kid’s English Education, especially about accurate pronunciation, which is very hard to learn in school. 
・university graduates.
・like going shopping to “You&Me Town” 
・like having a coffee at a cafe called “The Morning”. 
・have had the experience of interacting with a foreigner
Too detailed? lol
Well, the more details you know about your potential customers the more results you get
because you can tailor your ads more accurately and get them delivered directly to your target customers.
How to do Research  
This is very simple but very crucial, you would waste so much money on non-effective marketing if you skipped it.
But if you did do it, you wouldn’t have to waste your time and money as I did lol
Now, your turn, what do you know about your customers? 
You can just fill out this worksheet by asking at least 3 people out of your current customers.


You’ll find out at least some basic things about them. 

One of my clients has said that, after filling out the worksheet, he got a few students from his school’s new flyer

because their flyer was much more clearly directed to their target customers and, as a result, was very convincing for them. 
Are you hardcore? 
If you wanna master Research the way I have, here’s what I did:
・Took care of my nieces – To better understand what it’s like to be a mom. 
・Went shopping with moms that have kids aged 3 to 5 – To see when they buy things what kind of words or phrases trigger their actions.
・Wore makeup and women’s clothes – To get a bit of sense of what it’s like to be a woman. 
Basically, I tried putting myself in their shoes.
Here’s what I learned:
・I learned what kinds of concerns moms have about their child’s English education, so now I can better address those concerns in my ads.
・I learned what specific keywords or phrases tend to get mom’s to make a purchase, so now I use them in my ads.  
・I learned about how much detail, care and effort moms put into their appearance, which has been very helpful for branding.  
(By the way, I looked like a zombie when I did my make-up, haha, it’s so much work!)
I know this is maybe a bit too adventurous for some people, 
but don’t worry! 
Just filling out the worksheet is more than enough, 
it’ll make a huge difference in your marketing.  
If you fill it out and send it to me by 7/8 (Mon), 
I would be happy to give you some feedback on it if you want. 
Giving feedback is good learning for both of us, so I’m happy to do it!

Here is my e-mail address,


Again, this is very simple, kind of boring, and doesn’t give you an instant result, 
but this is THE KEY for successful marketing. 
I can guarantee you, if you skip it, you won’t get results. 
But if you do it, you’ll get amazing results that will change your life, 
I guarantee!
See you on the next post! 
J from 
J – School Marketing 

4 Responses to The KEY for successful marketing – You must know, but might not do yet

  1. Pronunciation is very hard to learn at school. Right! So is distinguishing the difficult sounds, which is fundamental to pronunciation, as well as listening and phonics! And, for those reasons your moms should be directed to for easy, fun, no pressure at-home listening practice.

  2. Nice work on marketing, thank you! This is spot on. Knowing where the parents go to hang out is one I’ve never even thought of asking before, but it could be very telling.

    • Junpei Tamura

      Thank you very much for the comment, Tristan.

      Yeah, knowing where they hang out why are very important!
      A lot of them said they go to one cafe because they have a kids space where their kids can hang out.

      So we decided to have one at my school, and everyone was super happy!
      And also it is attractive for potential customers.

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