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The Picture Book Group; and a book on Shapes

The Picture Book Group is an invitation to a discussion about picture books (which includes not only traditional small kids illustration-driven stories, but also; comics, wordless books, illustration collections, and stories and picture resources for teens and adults). If this week’s book does not suit your lessons, maybe next week’s will.


Hello Kitty, Hello Shapes! illustrated by Higashi Glaser is a cute colorful board book displaying a double page spread for each of 9 shapes; circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, diamond, star, heart, and crescent, in a scene along with our favorite Kitty character. When you are doing a lesson in which students need to look around the classroom for shapes, why not import lots of choices by using an engaging picture book loaded with all kinds of coloful shapes.
The final page is my favorite, where in another double page spread, all of the nine shapes are shown mixed-together among objects, in multiple sizes and colors, in a bedroom and a playroom. Ask students “What do you see?” or “Find a square, etc”.
For my classes I have taken that last double-page and expanded on the copy machine and laminated. Then I can set aside the book and have the student-handling part on this additional sheet in a larger form, which is more fun and easier to use anyway. I prepare one sheet for every 4 or 5 kids so the action doesn’t get too crowded.


Feel free to discuss, make observations, ask questions, make requests. Share your experiences. 


thanks for reading…!


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