The Perfect Homework for Youngsters

b4 is perfect for homework. Why?

It focuses on the most important thing you can teach young learners – the sounds. Why?


  1. Before we start to speak we set the sounds in our brains. We focus on the sounds of our native language and the sounds of a 2nd language become increasingly difficult.


  1. That is to say, from a very early age some sounds of a 2nd language become difficult to hear, difficult to distinguish.


  1. The difficult sounds can be learned, however, but they have to be made audible! If students can hear the sounds, they can learn to distinguish them.


  1. The proven method is called High Variability Phonemic Training (HVPT). It is minimal pairs exaggerated and spoken by many voices.


  1. b4 offers practice in this proven method.


  1. Hearing the sounds if simply fundamental. This practice will improve speaking, listening and will make phonics more effective.


  1. These claims are all backed by research and the research is discussed in the posts of this blog. Look to past posts.


  1. All children have to do is listen. Short exposures are best. 5 – 10 minutes at a time. It is the perfect homework.


What to listen to? b4 at HVPT is what we do!

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