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The Biggest Bluff


What are your thought processes for making decisions? How do you view risk and probabilities of success? Are you able to separate a good or bad outcome from solid or weak decision making? If you are successful, is it a result of luck or skill? What is within your control and what isn’t? How do you handle feelings of being an imposter?


Maria Konnikova had a Ph.D. in psychology and thought poker might be able to help her learn about the balance between chance and skill in life—but she didn’t even know the basic rules.  One year later, she survived to the second day of play in the 2017 World Series of Poker and, since then, has earned $300,000 in lifetime winnings.  With the exception of a slightly soft middle, her book on that experience, The Biggest Bluff, is riveting and well worth the read.  Many thoughts to be pondered and lessons to be learned that can be applied to running our schools.

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