Teaching Pronunciation – A Follow-up


As a follow-up to my previous post, Teaching Pronunciation, I wanted to share with you some files I’ve been busily producing. If you missed that post, I offered up some free templates for making minimal pair flash cards and other pronunciation activities, plus some downloadable charts for your classroom. I’ll list them here again and encourage you to give them a try in class.



If you aren’t inclined to making your own materials, or you’re not in a space right now for researching vocabulary, I put together a variety of files that you can download from my online store, Donald’s English Classroom. These are print-ready pdf files that you can start using today.


Minimal Pair Flash Cards



Each of these Minimal Pair Flash Card sets comes with charts, assessment logs, master cards, pair cards, and individual word cards. With each of these sets you will have a flexible resource for assessments and to utilize in pronunciation activities.


Minimal Pair Exit Tickets



Aligned to the Minimal Pair Flash Cards above, these sets of Exit Tickets specifically target speakers of 10 different languages. Exit tickets are a fast and easy way of assessing lessons taught or determining lessons that need to be taught. Use these as a cool down exercise at the end of class, collect the completed tickets as students leave, and you’ll have a clearer idea where students need the most attention.


Pronunciation Pyramids


Pronunciation Pyramids Kinney Brothers Publishing


These Pronunciation Pyramids are fun for the whole class or in small groups. With a base of 48 minimal pair sets, there are 96 pyramids total. Have these ready for a quick assessment or as a warmup activity to get students focused on pronunciation.


Pronunciation Mazes


Pronunciation Mazes Kinney Brothers Publishing


Pronunciation Mazes are a fun challenge for students to complete in or outside of class. These 27 puzzles address three areas of pronunciation for ESL learners: past tense, third person singular verbs, and noun plurals. Each set includes a word bank of 60 common nouns and verbs, nine puzzles for each target (color & black and white), plus answer keys.



  • Past tense verbs: /d/, /t/, and /id/ e.g., called, jumped and lifted
  • Third person singular verbs: /s/, /z/, and /iz/, e.g., helps, draws, and teaches
  • Noun Plurals: /s/, /z/, and /iz/, e.g., books, cows, and wishes


These pronunciation activities can be employed in class with minimal time requirements and without redesigning your whole curriculum. Remember, a little pronunciation practice on a regular basis will go a long way toward improving speaking and listening skills.


As always, best of luck in your classes!


Donald Kinney

Kinney Brothers Publishing





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