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How to survive as a 57 year old Kindergarten Teacher?

Hello Kindergarten Language Teachers!


I’m so excited about writing to you but so out of touch with technology and it`s a miracle i put together 3 cds now sung by thousands of kids in Japanese Kindergartens and now also used by ALT in Elementary Schools. 


Have a listen to the samples on the ETJ Book Service website (Fun Bridge English Songs) and you will ask that same question; `how does someone with no musical skills and an iphone create that?`


In my blog I`d like to share with you my story and 25 years of teaching experience so i can, hopefully, encourage you to dare to dream and tap into your own uniqueness.


Stay tuned as I try to publish this and if it works I will have sooooooooooooo much to share with you and more importantly a way to encourage you to a great Early Childhood Teacher.


Note: See Pieter’s songs on the ETJ Book Service website at

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