Songs and Games Seminar



Sunday September 24 (10:00 – 5:40), Ichigaya, Tokyo



ETJ Book Service presents . . .



‘The Games and Songs Seminar’



Everything you Need for Teaching Children


through Games and Songs




Everything you Need for Teaching Children
through Games and Songs

# Six great presentations by leading specialists

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Hall 6A, TKP Ichigaya Conference Center, Tokyo

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Everybody who attends all day will be sent an ‘Attendance Certificate’ by email after the seminar.



ETJ/FETJ members – 1,000 yen

Non-members – 2,000 yen

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9:30  Doors Open 






‘Phonics Games’


Amy Long


(Author of ‘My English Book and Me’)


11:05Simon1‘Happy Valley Games, Songs and other Fun Things to do.’


Simon Moran


(Author of ‘Happy Valley’)

12:00‘Games and Songs in a Memorable Classroom’


Marco Brazil


(Author of ‘The Monkey and the Turtle’, ‘The Rabbit and the Turtle’)

 12:45-1:45 Lunch
1:55‘Creating a Classroom of Success Through Music and Movement ‘


Kathleen Kampa


(Author of ‘Special Days and Holidays’, ‘Jump Jump Everyone’, ‘Magic Time’, ‘Everybody Up’, ‘Oxford Discover”)

3:45‘Games and Fun For 6 And Under’


Jared Wangen


(User of ‘Magic House’)

4:45davidprofilesmall1‘A Child-Centered Approach to Songs and Games for Japanese Children’


David Paul


(Author of ‘New Finding Out’, ‘Communicate’, ‘Communication Strategies’, ‘Teaching English to Children in Asia’ . . .)