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Songs As Activities: Write Your Name!

Songs in the classroom can be wonderful additions to our lessons. Music is a magical medium and proves time and again to be a great tool regarding children and education. Listening to and singing songs with our students can actually become the core of a lesson plan. When songs are designed around an activity or game of sorts, the melodies and words become a vehicle for teaching our young learners.  



Here are some benefits of using games and activities with songs in our lessons:


  • Games are Fun!
  • Student Centered Learning (giving our young learners ownership of their goals and achievements)
  • Capturing and Sustaining Students’ Interest
  • Motivating and Challenging Students




  • To teach young learners the English names of some of the most commonly used school supplies and reinforcing their comprehension of certain tasks, including “write your name” and “pick up your pencil”,  while having fun!


Materials Required:

  • Pencil, book, bag, eraser, ruler, paper and glue flash cards (available here)
  • Pencil(s), book(s), bag(s), eraser(s), ruler(s), paper(s) and glue(s)
  • Song: Write Your Name! (available here)



  • Vocabulary: Pick up your pencil, write your name, touch your……., book, bag, eraser, ruler, glue, paper and time’s up!



Below are illustrations of the MATERIALS needed!



School Supplies 1



Certain songs may encourage the teacher and her students to use specific gestures, while other songs can get everyone in the classroom engaging in full-fledged races!  The song I’ll be focusing on here does just that. “Write Your Name!” Is track 13 on our Fun Kids Songs Volume 2 CD. In this song target language includes: pick up your pencil, write your name, touch your [book, bag, eraser, ruler, glue, paper] and time’s up!  The teacher and her student(s) sing “pick up your pencil – write your name” and then the student is prompted to touch her book, bag,  eraser, ruler, glue or paper (depending on verse). In preparation for this song/activity, we encourage the teacher to set, to the side of the room, one of each item for every student in the class.  When the part of the song asking participants to touch one of the school supplies comes around, a timer can be heard in the song urging children to quickly find and touch one of the various objects. Depending on the age and level of children in class, teachers may want to pause the song so as to provide ample time for her student(s).



Write Your Name! Lyrics:


Pick up your pencil pencil pencil

Write your name!

Write your name!

(repeat x 2)

Put your pencil down

Touch your book/bag/eraser/ruler/paper/glue

Time’s up! (spoken)

(Repeat this arrangement for each of the school supplies)

Put your pencil down

Put your pencil down



All of us at Fun Kids English believe that this song and activity will be great additions to each and every classroom!  

Here in the video below is an example of how a class using Write Your Name! may be approached.  We also encourage teachers to add their own ideas and share them with us, please!






So as you can see, by using games and activities with songs we can take them from being an ordinary part of our classes to……….EXTRAORDINARY!

See you in the classroom everyone!  


Thank you.



You can find the song, `Write Your Name!’ on our CD `Fun Kids Songs Volume 2’ available at the ETJ Book Service here.



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