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Slamming ‘a’ Article

To recap on this activity. Lay the cards as in the picture making sure that you have some zero article and adjective cards in there, give one child the swatter and call out the first card “A pig.” He slams the article and pig whilst saying “A pig.” He then passes the swatter to the next player. “Pink!” “Pink!” and so on until all the cards are done. In this next stage the teacher takes the back seat acting only as a judge. In turns children slam cards one at a time and if correct they collect their card. “Pink!” (clap, clap) , “A desk.”, “A Mexico.” “Sorry, that’s not right.” until all the cards are finished correctly. I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised at how, almost instinctively, many cards your students get right from the start. Once your students are proficient at this task in  the articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ (add ‘the’ if you like), you can stretch your students further by mixing the vocabulary together so that your students have to choose ‘zero article’, ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’.




Another activity is to sort a pile of cards which require articles into ‘a’ and ‘an’ piles and then sort them according to their initial sounds, this way it becomes clear that initial vowel sound require ‘an’ and initial consonant sounds ‘a’.


Here are a couple of photos to highlight what I’m talking about.


CIMG1150 CIMG1149


All the pictures can be downloaded freely from the files section of the BAH Facebook group.

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