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School Owners’ SIG at JALT National in Nagoya

Two weeks have passed since JALT National in Nagoya.  Sunday afternoon of the conference we had the School Owners’ Discussion/Debate.  The theme this time was school culture and we debated different ways to shape that culture.  I’ve done a post on this in the past, but we discussed many ways to develop a culture of professionalism with give and take on how much information and autonomy should be given to teachers and staff.  While everyone believed that teachers and staff should be empowered, there were many different opinions on what that actually means in practice.  At MY English School we try to share a lot of information with our teachers and staff and have them involved in many decisions, but it was interesting for me to find that interpreted by others as neglecting to a certain level my obligations as a school owner.  A very lively and enlightening discussion!  Looking forward to getting together again in May at PanSIG in Akita!

Went out for tebasaki after the Owners' Forum at JALT National

Went out for tebasaki after the Owners’ Forum at JALT National

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