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Mighty Helpful Worksheets 
¥15,000 for both series (save ¥5000!)
These worksheets are a fun way for pre-elementary school and elementary school students to develop good reading and writing skills. Choose from photocopiable worksheets or owning the files on CD-ROM. Worksheets can then be printed or photocopied for any number of students in a school branch.


Pre-elementary Series (about 150 worksheets, 10 categories)
 PreElementary Series 
  • Recognition of the alphabet (basic phonic sounds)
  • Fundamental pre-writing skills that help youngsters get a head start on writing English


Elementary Series: Book 1 (about 300 worksheets, 15 categories) 
 Elementary Series 
  • Full phonics program, from individual letters to advanced phonics and long words 
  • Basic sentence patterns
  • Develops reading and writing skills to help internalize English
  • Merges soundly with New Finding Out 1
  • Lots of worksheets add flexibility and depth to homework
  • Detailed guidance included


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High quality colorful photographs bring vocabulary to life. The photos have been carefully selected for interesting representations of the objects in order to stimulate students’ curiosity, especially when used in guessing games. Two versions of 91 vocabulary items in 182 photos keeps the learning and playing fresh and fun.


  • Handy 4″ x 6″ (postcard) size for small groups
  • Suggested game directions
  • Vocabulary matches New Finding Out 1
  • Packaged in a sturdy but flexible album and includes cover cards
  • Versions A & B may be purchased separately


Best Value: Combo Set 
¥7,500 (¥8,100 including tax)
Album Versions A + B
182 Photographs
Save almost 20% from ordering both versions separately


Single Set: Version A, 91 photographs 
¥4,500 (¥4,860 including tax)


Single Set: Version B, 91 photographs 
¥4,500 (¥4,860 including tax)


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Colorful, high quality classroom posters of the alphabet and advanced phonics (double letter phonics e.g. ‘ee’ as in ‘tree’). The individual A4-sized posters are packaged unattached to each other, so teachers can decorate, arrange, and sequence the posters as desired.


Phonics Posters
¥4,000 (¥4,320 including tax)
  • 48 phonic sounds with the anchors on the same side
  • Manuscript-ruled for student reference
  • Color coded: consonants in green, vowels in red
  • Phonic sequence matches New Finding Out 1 and 2
  • Laminated to be durable through game use, transport, and with large classes



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Flashcards are an important part of every teacher’s arsenal. For younger students learning the basic alphabet in phonics we have Phonics Alphabet Flashcards with colorful inviting images and easy to read uppercase and lower case letters. For students learning to read and write our unique Lined Phonics Flashcards are a great tool to practice and play with putting sounds together (blending) and breaking longs words down into smaller components (segmenting).

Phonics Alphabet flashcards highlights:

  • A-Z phonics flashcards for learning basic phonic sounds
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters together, phonic anchor on back
  • Phonic sequence synchronized with all of our materials
  • Merges with New Finding Out 1

Lined Phonic Flashcards highlights:

  • Students learn phonics and how English sounds go together
  • Lowercase letters, portrait-oriented: cards can be placed side-by-side to make words
  • Manuscript-ruled for student reference
  • 2 sets of basic vowels for making long words
  • Includes double-letter phonic sounds (for example “ee” as in “tree”)
  • Anchor pictures on backs
  • Phonic sequence matches New Finding Out 1 and 2
  • Case included

Available in a poker card-sized version


Phonics Alphabet Flashcards, 26 cards, A5 
¥4,000 (¥4,320 including tax)


Lined Phonics Flashcards- A5-sized ¥4,000, 48 sounds, 55 cards 
(¥4,320 including tax)
 Lined FC-small 


Lined Phonics Flashcards – Poker-sized, 48 sounds, 63 cards 
¥2,500 (¥2,700 including tax)



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Music is central to children’s experience of the world. It is a core way to connect learning with emotion. Our music’s lyric content is targeted for young EFL learners, yet it is meant to be somewhat musically challenging – children can enjoy themselves with strong rhythms and grooves, and at the same time stretch their sonic boundaries with bluesy and folksy riffs. We strive to create songs that kids and adults alike can listen to over the years and still find interesting (if you listen closely!).

“Box of Songs” Highlights:

  • Good listening for the whole family
  • Karaoke tracks included
  • Available as a digital download or as a CD
  • Packaged in a sturdy but flexible album and includes cover cards
  • Versions A & B may be purchased separately


 Click for 30-second samples of all songs 


Box of Songs
CD: ¥900 (¥972including tax), Digital Download: ¥900 (¥972including tax)

Digital Download

  • Lyrics & artwork included in digital files
  • High quality .m4a ACC encoded files (same as iTunes)
  • Convenience of digital files directly downloaded to your computer


  • Packaged in a standard jewel case
  • Booklet includes lyrics and suggestions for use
  • Highest quality uncompressed CD format


Track Listing

1. Go!

2. It’s a Circle

3. I’m Counting

4. The Phonics Song

5. I Want to Go to the Park

6. Go! (Karaoke)

7. It’s a Circle (Karaoke)

8. I’m Counting (Karaoke)

9. The Phonics Song (Karaoke)

10. I Want to Go to the Park (Karaoke)