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Your questions about the Table of Contents and Introduction to Small Changes

Dear Fellow Explorers,

When I did a blog a few years ago many who read what I was talking about sent questions and comments. These days it seems teachers tend to read blogs rather than read them and react or ask questions.

As you can see, I am attaching The Table of Contents for Small changes in teaching, big results in learning as well as the Introduction to the printed Introduction to the Audiobook version of Small changes which I hope will be available by the end of 2019.

Many teaches tell me that they prefer podcasts such as TEFLology and audio books to printed articles or books. Many commute long hours and others like to listen as they jog or work out! A whole new world!

I hope that some of the comments I make in the Introduction or some of the titles of sections of Small changes will tap your curiosity or provoke you to ask questions such as “How can you make such a statement?”

Enjoy, enjoy.


Download (DOCX, 118KB)

Download (DOCX, 26KB)

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