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Practicing Reading


by Lynn Maslen Kertell


Reading their first book is a big and exciting step for your child. Having the fun of reading a book, making friends with the characters, finding out what happens to them – these are all things that bring joy for your child. With a solid phonics foundation, your child will love to read.


This emerging skill needs to be nurtured with lots of practice. Therefore, you need a collection of short, C-V-C phonics books. Bob Books are a great place to start, with several volumes at the C-V-C level, including Bob Books Beginning Readers, Bob Books Rhyming Words, Bob Books Animal Stories and Bob Books First Stories. Use as many of these sets as your child needs to get comfortable reading C-V-C words.


Set aside a short time for your child to read to you each day. Express interest and let your child know what a good job they’re doing. Find subject matter that interests your child. Kids love humor – look for books that make them laugh.


Take a turn to read to your child. Pick books that are above their level, so they can listen to more complicated content, and so they will want to try more difficult books.


If your young reader struggles, make sure you have the right level book. You want a book that is at or slightly above their reading level. If books are too complex, kids can get discouraged. If your child is impatient, wiggly, or antagonistic, this is a sign the book is too hard. At these beginning stages, focus on books that feature C-V-C words and take your time. You are building a reading foundation that will last a life time. It cannot be rushed.


Most of all, enjoy watching this amazing process as your child starts to learn this complex new skill. 


Best wishes for a great experience for you and your young reader!


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