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Practical Introductions

Mike Guest said “I’m interested to see/hear how you might adapt intros in your own classroom…” Ha! Ha! I had never really given it any serious thought till now. We could of course practise introducing friends, guests and speakers and this would allow for much more freedom of content than you would generally have when introducing yourself and if we want to practise really long introductions, which would be especially useful in introducing famous people from from the past, then we could have students research, write and give eulogies. My own classroom is somewhat limited since I teach mainly elementary school children, so I can’t put all these ideas into practice, but I believe that it is practicable to create situational monologues which act as introductions, ones which could be used with ease by young (and old) students. 

I will say that it is somewhat odd for me to create these monologues as I would very seldom have cause to use them in Japan and should I really need to contact a “plumber”, I’ll get my wife to do it (I’ll pay of course). It would would be helpful to have 20-30 of these cards, then we could play many game and activities using such a resource.

Please feel free to use these in your own classrooms.

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