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Podcast: Interview on World Englishes

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Today The TEFLology Podcast brings you an interview with Professor Mario Saraceni. The interview was conducted in Chichester, on the south coast of England earlier this summer. Mario works as Reader and Associate Head of Research in the School of Language and Area Studies at the University of Portsmouth.




Professor Saraceni’s research interests are on English and globalization. His scholarly activities focus on the political, ideological and pedagogical implications of the forms and functions of the English language outside its traditional cultural base.


As well as numerous articles and book chapters, his own published books include 2015’s World Englishes: A Critical Analysis, which was awarded the British Applied Linguistics Association Book Prize in 2016, and 2010’s The Relocation of English: Shifting paradigms in a Global Era. 


Matt spoke with Mario about the research area of World Englishes, as well as other related topics. Enjoy the interview!


Find information about Mario here.


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