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Kinney Brothers Publishing Phonics and Spelling Series


In the last post, I talked about Stories For Young Readers from Kinney Brothers Publishing and how to purchase the series for your classes.  In this post, I’ll focus on our Phonics & Spelling series.  I’ll provide links for purchasing and recommended support materials for each text to help you plan for new classes in the spring.  Check out this post if you’re looking for supplementary resources for your classes.


The Phonics & Spelling series, published by Independent Publishers International (I.P.I.), is available with a special discount through David Paul’s ETJ Book Service.  The five-book series is designed to teach kids the fundamental sounds and spelling of English in a multi-year, step-by-step ESL program.  For many teachers, a solid phonics program is the cornerstone of their pre-K thru elementary classes.  Focused phonics lessons and phonemic awareness improve pronunciation, listening comprehension, and give students the confidence to read and understand English.


You’ll find an abundance of support materials for this series in our online store, Donald’s English Classroom.  Visit for downloadable flash cards, charts, games, and activities.


A to Z is the first step to introducing very young ESL students to the ABCs and phonics. If your kids are just learning to hold a pencil, this is the perfect primer.  Children love coloring the large images and build dexterity writing the upper and lower-case letters. Included are easy dot-to-dot coloring pages, mazes, and matching exercises.  Check out the preview to learn more.


A to Z Kinney Brothers Publishing

Flash Card SetABC Flash Card SetPhonics BingoABC & Phonics I Have/Who HasABC Bingo AnimalsSea Fishing



ABC & Phonics, Book 1 lays the groundwork for phonetic based learning and focuses on writing and identifying upper and lower case ABCs.  With basic writing, matching, and ordering exercises, teachers can readily assess student progress.  The alphabet is broken down into four sections, a-f, g-l, m-r and s-z with review for each section.  Click here for support materials that include flashcards, charts, games, and activities that make learning the ABCs fun!  You can download a preview for this textbook here.


ABC & Phonics Kinney Brothers Publishing

Flash Card SetABC Flash Card SetABC BingoABC FishingAlphabet ChartsExit Tickets



Phonics & Spelling, Book 2 begins with a review of the ABCs and sets students on their first exercises in sounding out, reading, and writing three-letter (CVC) words.  Learned vocabulary is then set into easy sentences to teach students fundamental sentence constructs and meaning. Step by step, students also learn how to read and write a simple self-introduction.  The exercises progress in an easy-to-teach, easy-to-comprehend approach adaptable to any program. Included are review pages, puzzles, games, and reading exercises that students find challenging and fun!  Be sure to check out the preview here!


Phonics and Spelling Book 2 Kinney Brothers Publishing

Flash Card SetCVC Word ChartsCVC Word PuzzlesCVC I Have/Who HasSwimming with SharksCVC Write Around the Room



Phonics & Spelling, Book 3 takes students further in building English reading and writing skills.  Book 3 begins with a review of CVC words and then takes students to the next challenge of reading, writing, and spelling silent ‘e’ (CVCe) words, words with ea-ee-ey spelling, as well as th, sh, and ch digraphs.  Exercise pages also include practice with numbers, plurals, more extended reading practice, and basic question forms using do and can.  Check out the preview here!


Phonics and Spelling Book 3 Kinney Brothers Publishing

Flash Card SetCVCe Word ChartsCVCe I Have/Who HasSilent e BingoPhonics Activity SetESL Pronunciation Practice



Phonics & Spelling, Book 4 completes the phonics series with almost two hundred packed pages of phonics lessons, reading and writing practice, puzzles, spelling tests, and Q&A drills. Exercises include consonant blends, digraphs, dipthongs and practice with silent k, g, and ion.  The phonics lessons in this textbook create a solid foundation that supports students in their future English language learning.  Download a preview here.


Phonics and Spelling Book 4 Kinney Brothers Publishing

Flash Card SetDipthong & Digraph ChartsTask Cards320 Word Flash Card SetClock BingoCommunity Places



If you’d like to learn more about all Kinney Brothers Publishing has to offer, please download our catalogues!  Peruse the complete lineup of our Global Edition ESL Textbooks or check out our ESL Store right from your desktop!  Sign up for our newsletter and download a free CVC I Have/Who Has Activity Set!


Kinney Brothers Publishing Catalogues


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As always, best of luck in your classes!


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