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People Become Trustworthy because You Trust Them

Tim Ferriss recently interviewed Jim Colins on his podcast, with one of the themes being trust.  Please listen from the 1:08:00 time stamp here ( until the 1:16:30 point, about 8-1/2 minutes.


Colins’s stance is that we should start from trust.  Yes, we will get burned sometimes, but the benefits of starting from trust far outweigh the supposed benefits of requiring someone to prove their trustworthiness.  One big benefit being that people become trustworthy because you trust them—they live up to your expectations of them.  If you require them to prove themselves, then the trustworthy people will leave for places where they are trusted.  As long as we protect ourselves from catastrophic losses, are there times when we could trust more from the beginning?  This is especially pertinent when relating to our staff and teachers.  How much do we really trust them?

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