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[ONLY 8 people] Personal Consulting

A Happy New Year!


It’s J.


Hope you are having or have had amazing holidays!

Last year, due to the influence of COVID-19,

every business in any industry has had a hard time.

At the same time,

it was also a year of many awareness.

As one of the awareness,

“I can’t live alone.”


Especially when the state of emergency was declared.

There were many times we had to make big decisions about school management.


I was afraid to make a decision, considering the lives of the staff members.

To be honest, there were times when I felt overwhelmed by the pressures.

But with support and understanding from the staff, students, and their parents, I was able to get through the hard times.

I’m very thankful for them, also family members, people in the community, and everyone involved.

So this year, throughout my school consulting service,

I would love to meet more people and do things that benefit them.

More than that, I actually want some friends who can grow together and share fun and joy.

It’s painful, lonely, and boring to move forward alone…!


So I don’t know if it’s offline or online yet,
but I would like to create opportunities to observe each other’s lessons, discuss management methods, and so on.

As one of them, as in the subject,

I will be offering my personal consulting service only for 8 people.

As you know, time flies.

As soon as the new year starts, in a second, it’s already spring, which is the busiest time for the education industry.


A lot of school business owners say,

“Sales for the year will be set in February, March and April”

From my rule of thumb and the data I have corrected over the past 12 years of running my school, I think that is true.

That is not an overstatement.

So since it’s the crucial time,

I hope I can help you out.


You can ask me anything, but here are some examples,

Regardless of marketing:
・ How to make a flyer with a high conversion rate

・ What kind of photos should be used to increase the response rate?

・ Online advertising (Instagram and Google Ads)

・ How to make a website that sells

Regardless of School Management:

・How to deal with Parents worring too much about COVID-19.

・ How to decide what textbooks to use.

・ How to create a curriculum

・ How to recruit excellent candidates



Wednesday, January 6th, 21:00 (reserved), 22: 10-
Wednesday, January 13th, 21: 00-, 22: 10-
Wednesday, January 20th, 21: 00-, 22: 10-
Wednesday, January 27, 21: 00-, 22: 10-

Time: 50 minutes
Cost: 2,000 yen (Tax included)
Method: Zoom
Payment: Paypal – Please click the link below to make the payment.

Application form



“Sales for the year will be set in February, March and April.”

It is no exaggeration to say that.

Either you would join Personal Consulting or not, I hope you will prepare for the new school year anyway.

If you would join it,
I look forward to seeing you at the session!



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