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Online Classroom Management Systems – ClassDojo

With the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, teachers are appreciative when parents are involved with their child’s education.  Monitoring, assessing, and grading a student’s learning and behavior and then relaying that information to administration and parents, are some of the more challenging of teacher duties.  Online tech is opening a new era where the walls of the classroom are disappearing and parents can be more engaged with their child’s learning on a daily basis. 


In my previous post, I talked about Google Classroom; an online classroom management system.  In this post, I’m going to focus on ClassDojo; an online behavior management system built on fostering positive student behavior and a classroom culture where parents are more intimately involved. With a ‘gamified’ interface, individual students, groups, or whole classrooms earn positive or negative ‘Dojo Points’ based on their behavior. Teachers use the app to keep parents up to date on student progress and daily classroom activities. ClassDojo is free for all users and available across many desktop and mobile platforms. 


ClassDojo has been translated into 35 languages in 180 countries.  The management system has penetrated 90% of U.S. schools. 


Criticism of ClassDojo as a behavioral management system include the focus on extrinsic versus intrinsic reward systems as well as concerns about online privacy.


Click on these links to learn more about ClassDojo, watch an introductory video below, or read a product overview of ClassDojo from EdSurge.



Take a look at the reviews and tutorials below.  Is this the kind of class management system that would work well with your school, students, and parents?


A teacher-narrated video explaining the ClassDojo app


ClassDojo on Wikipedia


135 Reviews of ClassDojo


ClassDojo – The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly


6 Reasons to Reject ClassDojo


Forbes Magazine article on 2 ClassDojo classrooms


If you are interested in other management systems like Google Classroom and Schoology, check out this list of the most popular platforms where you can read brief reviews and compare pricing.  Also, be sure to check my third post in this series on LMSs for K-12.


If you have experience on a particular platform, I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Help a teacher out and leave a comment below.


As always, best of luck in your classes!


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  1. I’ve played around with ClassDojo. It has some great features but in a short class I didn’t get a lot of time to use it. There needs to be a way to consolidate these tools into one place especially with young learners. Are we really going to ask them to use separate apps such as the LMS with the textbook, school management system for the schedule/payment etc.. and also a separate communication tool such as classdojo?

    • Absolutely. Time is of the essence in short classes. Juggling a real-time feedback system on top of holding a class together is a bit much to ask. I’m putting together a post on the larger LMS players in the ed tech industry like Edmodo, Schoology, and Blackboard Learn. Though most of these work with public and private school systems, there is a need to consolidate all the turnkey functions of business and interactive requirements of teaching for commercial education businesses. The closest I can see for this would be Absorb which is for employee training. Keeping my eye out.

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