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Need feedback for your website, flier etc?

Hi, ​

It’s J.​

I’m going to give a presentation about marketing at ETJ Kansai Expo on Feb 16th. ​

It will mainly be a Q&A session about marketing.​

But I would like to have a short open consulting session as well. ​

So would you like to get some feedback for your website, flier, etc? ​

If you could submit anything you would like to get some feedback for, then if you wouldn’t mind getting some feedback in my presentation, please let me know! ​

It might sound very tough since it’s gonna be in front of many people, but I’m sure it would be a great learning for you, participants, and even me. ​

We can talk about how we are gonna do it shortly beforehand or at the expo. ​

Details ​
-Date 2/16 At: 2:15 ~ 3:00​
-Place: Kinrankai High School, Osaka​
-Any marketing related things are ok​
-Please e-mail it to this address,​

Thank you in advance! ​

PS: About the school visit I mentioned before.​
It was so much fun and inspiring! ​
We talked about marketing, management, education, and so on all day long. ​

Also, she observed my lessons and gave me critical feedback – I was so glad since we, as a school owner don’t get to get feedback often -​

I will make another event like this sometime soon!


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