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Mom and Baby Classes

I came across a quote from Dr. Silvana Montanaro, the founder of Montessori Schools, the other day. I was looking for something else, but the quote is important for what we do at Aka-Kara English. She wrote:

…a course was recently developed, consisting of playing English language cassettes to infants. When, at the age of three, four, or five years, these children come into contact with an English teacher, they learn the foreign language much more easily than other children.

Why? Take a look at my other posts.

And, if you are wondering where appropriate audio clips might be found, click here. Or, go to

This link is on the sidebar. It is titled 4babies. It is a free, 40-minutes recording of minimal pairs, music, and tongue twisters. It is perfect listening for infants. There is no sigh up, no email. Nothing. Parents should simply play it for their babies, and they should do it often. There is a clip of helpful English phrases on the sidebar as well. It targets Japanese parents.

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