What Being a Member of ETJ Means

No membership fee

There is no fee for being a member of ETJ. There is usually a small fee for attending an event to help cover the costs of that event. One of the reasons for having no fee is to make ETJ as accessible as possible to teachers who need the most support and to busy teachers who may have little time to take full advantage of being an ETJ member. It also makes the admin much simpler – the organizers of ETJ are also busy!

Indefinite membership

Once you join ETJ, you are a member for an indefinite period of time. However, if there is an error when sending an email to you, you may be removed from the list of members. This is because many non-Japanese teachers go overseas without notifying us. So please let us know when you change your email address.

Social media, emails  and Language Teaching Network

There are many ETJ social media and groups. You are welcome to join any of these when you become an ETJ member. By default, you will be made a member of your regional group air the Language Teaching Network, which means you will sometimes receive digests of discussions in these groups. You can leave these groups at any time.  You will also receive e-mails from Language Teaching Professionals. You can also unsubscribe from these at any time.


There are regional ETJ groups in many areas of Japan and these groups arrange online and physical workshops for teachers in the area. If you would like to attend or present in a local workshop, please contact your local ETJ group.

Discounts on books

As a member of ETJ, you can access the ETJ Book Service and receive discounts on books and teaching resources.


If you don’t use a third-party publishers or distributor, you can sell your own self-developed materials through the ETJ Book Service without paying a commission. This service is aimed at supporting teachers who have developed their own materials and need help with starting to sell then to other teachers.


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