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Measuring Teacher Prep Time (Focus on the Lessons)


I’m in communication with a number of other school owners on Facebook and they often ask how we do things here at MY.  One question I was recently asked is how we keep track of teacher hours, especially how we confirm that teachers are spending their out-of-class time on lesson prep and not “wasting” it on things like watching Netflix.


I believe that what gets measured is what people tend to focus on.  For us, the focus is on the lessons.  Are the lessons high quality?  Are they student-centered with managed within a constructivist framework?  Are students engaged and asking questions?  That is what we should be checking on in regard to our teachers.


If the focus is on forcing teachers to spend a specific amount of time preparing during a predetermined timeframe and at a predetermined location, the focus ceases to be on the lessons. The focus should be on the lessons and our students’ progress as a result.  Which is more important, effective lessons or how long the teacher is preparing for lessons at the school?

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