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Match and Count


Match It


Using two sets of the same flashcards, split the cards up among the students. Students look for matches and line the matches up in a row. Once all are matched, the students tell the teacher what they matched.

S: 1. One. 6. Six.

This game is good for learning color and number sight words.


同じフラッシュカードを2セット用意し、そのカードを生徒の間で分けます。生徒はマッチするものを探し、マッチしたものを一列に並べます。全てマッチしたら、生徒は先生に何が マッチしたかを言います。

S: 1. One. 6. Six.



Number Puzzle


Purchase a number puzzle from the toy store and practice numbers using the puzzle. Pass out pieces to individual students, then put the pieces back in order from 1 to 10, or out of order.




Pick and Move


A student picks a number flashcard. Choose an action. Do the action as many times as the number flashcard says.



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