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Marketing Tips for Schools – Introduction



I’m J.


I’ve been running 2 English Schools out in the countryside in Tokushima for about 10 years.

I’ve also been working as a marketing consultant for small English schools.

Tokushima is the prefecture famous for Awa Dance,

being the only prefecture without electronic trains,

and having the stingiest people in Japan.


The population in the school’s surrounding area is only about 20,000.

The population of kids is just 2,500.


It’s your typical depopulated area.

Even though it’s a very bad location, we have 300 students.


On top of that we have,

10,000 yen monthly fee – 50min/week

Mainly Japanese teachers – 6 out of 8

Big competition – big chain English schools and cram schools


But we’re still getting about 80 new students every year.


– What’s more important than good lessons? –

Of course, it didn’t all go well in the beginning.

In fact, it went terribly.

I actually used to be a drummer in a death metal band.

I didn’t study at all. 

I’m just a high school graduate. 


So I had no idea how to run the school

since I didn’t have any experience working, let alone teaching. 


I tried my best following the mantra,

“If my lesson gets better, I will get more students”


It didn’t happen…


I quickly fell into a big debt and had to fire my employee.

It was just too much pressure and responsibility for me at the time,

so I seriously considered closing my school.


But then something happened…

One day, I got to see a lesson at one of the biggest chain English schools in Japan.


This chain has thousands of students throughout Japan.

Needless to say, I was very excited.

I was thinking,

“If I learn their secret, I will be successful!”


It turned out, it wasn’t a very good English lesson.

That’s not where the secret was.


I don’t mean to be full of myself, but I was really surprised at the quality of this school since I had seen some great lessons by teachers at ETJ.

And they had about 200 students!




I had just about 40 students…


It got me thinking…


“Good lessons are important, but getting your prospective customers to know about your school and lessons is MORE important”


– I say “more” because if you don’t have students you can’t stay in business or even teach your students.


But if you have enough students, you can stay in business and make your lessons better-


Later on, I had found out that the chain has highly trained sales people and a great marketing system.


That was the secret.

On that day, I made a commitment to myself, I’m going to master marketing.


So I started to read all the books that I could possibly find, go to seminars and even buy marketing materials from overseas.


The hardest part was that there was nothing specifically for schools,

so I had to mold and tailor all of the information I’d learned to my market.


Very soon, I started getting amazing results, and now, I want to share what worked for me with you.


I will see you on the next post!


J from J – School Marketing

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  1. J, I really need this advice!
    I will be looking forward to your next post.

  2. Would like to learn more. Eager to see your next post. Thank you

  3. I want to learn more tips or advice from you.

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