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How to make sure kids dont even hesitate to sing songs?

Many teachers ask me `what if they dont want to sing?`. Kids dont want to sing? That simply doesnt enter my mind! 


I think this is the most important point. I dont hesitate and present it that way and this guarantees kids will join in and they always end up enjoying it. Children need you to be their guide and if you dont do that confidently they will not follow your lead (my doggie works like that too!) This gets easier over time as you become more confident and more convinced because you`ve actually experienced it. Just remember that when teaching children your enthusiasm is contagious. 


Another important point is your choice of music. If you dont like the music it`s going to be hard to show your enthusiasm (It can be done cause it`s easy to fake in front of kids but it will wear you out and it will show so why bother?) There are so many options out there so you need to make a choice. I have tried it all and enjoyed most of my choices but these days I only use my own songs because they work so well and I have yet to meet a student who hesitates singing my songs.


Most children have a desire to show off their talent and even the really shy ones want to try it in their own way. I make sure that my songs give children the confidence to give it a go. Once theyve experienced a little of that they want more and more. I can now spend my whole class just watching the kids perform the songs (That was one of my goals, as at 57 the jumping and dancing has taken its toll)  But what a joy to see kids enjoy themselves so much singing and expressing themselves. You add some praise to their performance and they dont even realise that they`ve become addicted to singing fun songs!


Another great way is to have Karaoke versions of the songs they enjoy. Once they are familiar with the melodies you can add anything you want to review, preview or teach and it will be a breeze cause they already had a positive experience with the original song.


So, when you dont hesitate, picked the right music, give kids a chance to shine and use Karaoke versions you will not have any problem and that question of students dont want to sing will be a things of the past.


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