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Let’s Sing and Move! Goodbye!

Let’s Sing and Move! Goodbye! 歌って動きましょう!Goodbye!


This week we introduce some routines to use with the “Let’s Sing and Move” pages in the Happy Valley Student Books and “Goodbye” routines to end class.


今週はハッピーバレースチューデントブックのLet’s Sing and Moveのページで使えるルーチンと授業の終わりのルーチンを紹介します。


Let’s Sing and Move Routines


Routine 1

Open the book and sing along, pointing to the pictures as they are heard in the song.



Routine 2

Use gestures for each vocabulary word, and when that word is heard or sung in the song,

make the gesture.



Routine 3

Using student flashcards, put the words in the order they are heard. Then dance.



Goodbye Routines


Routine 1

Students line up. Teacher asks each student a question related to the unit (or student asks teacher). Student answers. Students who are finished can ask other students, with the teacher facilitating. Next, student asks, May I have a sticker, please? Student chooses a sticker and puts it on the bus route in the student book.

生徒は一列に並びます。その日に勉強した内容について質問をします(もしくは生徒に質問をしてもらいましょう)。生徒が答えます。答え終わった生徒は先生のお手伝いで他の生徒に質問します。つぎは「May I have a sticker, please?」と生徒がきいて、シールを選んでスチューデントブックのバスルートに貼りましょう。


Routine 2

Same as Routine 1, but use the workbook and/or phonics workbook homework page.

Whether parents are present in class or not, ask parents to participate by asking questions or answering students’ questions.



Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.

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