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“Let’s Chant” Routines

Let’s Chant Routines チャントのルーチン


This week we introduce some routines to use with the Let’s Chant pages in the Happy Valley Student Books.




Routine 1

Line flashcards on the board or in a flashcard holder. Play the track and point to the flashcards. On the 4th beat, students say the word.





Routine 2

Teacher opens Student Book to Let’s Learn page, Let’s Chant section. Play track and point to the vocabulary on the page. On the 4th beat, students say the word.



先生がスチューデントブックのLet’s LearnのページのLet’s Chantのところを開きます。トラックを再生して、ページに載っているボキャブラリーを指さします。4つ目のビートで生徒が単語を言います。


Routine 3

Randomly pass out flashcards to students. Play the track. When a student hears their card, they say it on the 4th beat. Then the student puts the card on the board.





Routine 4

Students and teacher open the book to Let’s Learn page, Let’s Chant section. Students and teacher point to the vocabulary on the page. On the 4th beat, students say the word.



生徒と先生がLet’s LearnのページのLet’s Chantの部分を開きます。生徒と先生が一緒にボキャブラリーを指さします。4つ目のビートで生徒が単語を言います。


Use gestures for each vocabulary word, and on the 4th beat, students can not only say the word, but do the gesture. Students can also make up gestures. In With Mom classes, parents and students can do it together.




Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.


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