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Learning to Read with Phonics

by Lynn Maslen Kertell


Learning to read with phonics is proven to be the best way to start reading. This means associating the letter shape with the letter sound. When your child sees “b,” they know it represents the sound bbbbb. Research shows that the areas of the brain associated with sound and hearing are activated when learning to read, no matter what learning strategy is used.


Once your child has a solid understanding and background in sounding out words, then they will speed up and read whole words at once. This is fine, and means your child is building fluency. However, reading should start with phonics and build gradually as your child gains skill.


How do you help your child learn to sound out words and read with phonics? We are going to take several blog posts to walk you through the steps to build a strong phonics foundation for your child. Look for these blog posts in the upcoming weeks:


  • Learning Letter Sounds
  • Blending Letter Sounds
  • Reading First Words
  • Practicing Reading
  • Consonant Blends and Words with Four Letters
  • Learning Sight Words
  • Vowel Combination – Two Vowels Go Walking
  • Vowel Combinations – Magic Silent E
  • New Consonant Combinations – Digraphs
  • Onward!


Best wishes for a great experience for you and your young reader!


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