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It is still a mystery!

It has been over a decade since Mark Liberman lamented the common disconnect between research and practice in his blog, Language Log. He described what was then a twenty-year mystery: Why was High Variability Phonetic Training (HVPT) which he describes as a simple, quick, and inexpensive technique for helping adults to learn the sounds of new languages” not more widely used in language teaching? Liberman asked some language instructors this question, expecting that they may have tried HVPT, but found no real benefit for learners. Instead, he reported that the instructors he asked had never heard of this technique.

It is now a thirty year mystery.

For young learners it is even more important because the younger a person is the easier learning the sounds is. It is excellent homework. A few minutes a day.

The question remains: Why is it not more widely used?

I know, I know .. . you’re waiting for it. HVPT is what b4 does!


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  1. How do we find out more about HVPT and how do we experience it ?

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