Introducing Concept Worksheets 1

Creating Blending a Hand Concept Worksheets (CW) workbooks was a lengthy process. Initially, before any thought of producing a workbook, I scoured the globe for workbooks to aid in teaching my children how to read, as there were limited resources available in Japan at that time. Little America in Fukuoka stocked workbooks from the USA, prompting my purchases from there. Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) was introduced in 1986, and by 1988, my two eldest children were actively using ORT workbooks and readers alongside the Oxford Junior Workbooks. Over time, we amassed workbooks from nearly every reading program accessible in the UK, the USA, and Australia. 



Our efforts paid off, leading to our children becoming skilled readers due to these resources. However, despite our success at home, I encountered challenges when applying the same teaching methods to my students. The primary hurdle was that the vocabulary in the workbooks targeted native English-speaking children. By the late 1990s, I began using ‘Finding Out’ by David Paul as my main course book and commenced crafting my own reading materials tailored for Japanese children learning English for the first time. From 2002 onward, I started creating worksheets on my computer, sharing them with educators in Japan and globally, both online and through CD-ROMs. This endeavor provided me with significant experience, invaluable feedback, and guidance. By 2008, I was receiving requests from teachers in Japan to compile my worksheets into a workbook, culminating in the creation of  CW1 and other workbooks. Eventually, our two eldest sons would use my workbooks in their own classrooms. 



CW1 has been meticulously crafted to complement and reinforce the content and skills presented in New Finding Out 1 (NFO1) by David Paul. The 80-page workbook covers all the phonics featured in units 1 through 6 of NFO1. For optimal utilization of the workbook, I strongly recommend initiating instruction in blending and segmenting from the outset and maintaining this teaching approach consistently throughout the workbook.


The sequence of presentation in CW1 aligns with that of NFO1. For instance, if a worksheet bears the title ‘FO1/6′, it indicates that this worksheet is ideally utilized from unit 6, at the earliest, of NFO1. However, the decision on the best timing to integrate these worksheets will depend on your teaching methodology, your students’ ages, and their proficiency level. You have the flexibility to incorporate them before, alongside, or after NFO1, for review purposes, or even independently. Initially, it’s advisable to introduce and implement some of the worksheets during classroom sessions. Once students understand the tasks, these worksheets can subsequently be assigned as homework or in-class activities. 

CW1: Pages 77-80

This workbook has proven effective with a wide range of learners, spanning from kindergarten to 1st-grade junior high school students, and has also shown success when used with adults who are non-readers.


The following concepts are found in CW1.
1. Initial letter sound recognition

2. Medial and final letter recognition

3. Blending

4. Segmenting

5. Letter formation

6. Word formation

7. Spelling

8. Reading

9. Testing 

10. Fun and usability


The worksheets have been produced to ensure practicality, featuring a self-explanatory design that makes them suitable for homework assignments. While many of the worksheets engage with and reinforce multiple concepts, they primarily focus on one key concept. For further information on BAH workbooks please see the online catalog. Should you have any inquiries or feedback regarding these workbooks, then please feel free message me.


Workbooks can be acquired directly from me via email, Facebook Messenger, or through ETJ Book Service. It is also available through English Books Japan. It’s important to note that all orders made directly through me are legally ‘TAX FREE!’, giving you a price of ¥800 per workbook, plus postage.

David T. Lisgo


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