Interactive Notebooks – CVC Templates

As a followup to my last post, I developed a series of CVC Templates to help teachers get up and running with their interactive notebooks.


Kinney Brothers Publishing Interactive Notebook 1



Why Interactive Notebooks?


As an independent teacher offering my services in a variety of kids’ classes, one thing was a constant: no two places were the same. Some classes used textbooks, others didn’t — but still wanted reading and writing activities. Most classes met once a week, some bi-weekly, and one group met once a month. Interactive notebooks, though not a replacement for textbooks, offered me the flexibility to design a curriculum with the classroom resources and time restrictions I had to work with. They’re also an excellent way to shape students’ notebook habits; an intervention that became imperative considering the shabby state of some of my students’ notebooks. In turn, this extends their learning and creates a personalized resource where students can take ownership and track their progress.


Kinney Brothers Publishing Interactive Notebook 2

The Program



Based on my textbook, Phonics & Spelling, Book 2 available on the ETJ Book Service site, the CVC Templates are built on a 45-word vocabulary base with nine words for each a-e-i-o-u vowel set. Each vowel set is restricted to three word families. With the goal of moving emergent readers toward reading fluency, the differentiated exercises take students step by step with reading, writing, and spelling exercises — as well as an introduction to primary sight words.



Kinney Brothers Publishing Interactive Notebook 3

The Summer Deal


Beginning June 15, I’m making the CVC Templates available as a Growing Bundle in my online store. Purchase Unit 1 (‘A’ Words) at $3 and, as new units are uploaded every ten days, you can download them for free. As the bundle grows, the opt-in price will increase by $3 for each new unit added. The bundle will be complete when the fifth unit is uploaded on July 25 and the final price is set at $15. So, buy now and you can get the full 200+ page package at a major discount. Check out the full previews for Unit 1 and Unit 2. To purchase the Templates, click here or on the image below.



Kinney Brothers Publishing Interactive Notebook 4



Again, if you have questions about setting up an interactive notebook, check out my previous blog post.  With the help of these Templates, you’re going to create some awesome interactive notebooks!


I will regularly update this post giving you a heads up when new units are ready for download. Once all the units have been uploaded, the ‘growing’ aspect of the bundle will be finished.


All units are now available for download!  Click here to download.


    • 6/15 – Unit 1 (A Words) $3
    • 6/25 – Unit 2 (E Words) $6
    • 7/5 – Unit 3 (I Words) $9
    • 7/15 – Unit 4 (O Words) $12
    • 7/25 — Unit 5 (U Words) $15


As always, best of luck in your classes!


Donald Kinney


Kinney Brothers Publishing

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