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Innova Graded Readers Teach Reading

Innova Graded Readers use classic stories about fairy tales and talking animals, full-color pictures, and simple, repeating vocabulary and sentence structures, to teach reading to children. Captions on new nouns in the pictures, and a picture dictionary in the back, help children understand the story. Each page features a hook, inviting readers to imagine what will happen on the next page, and turn the page to see if they were right.



The stories are told with simple sentences in the present tense, repeating the most common sentence patterns and the key vocabulary throughout the story. Repetition lets children learn the words and patterns naturally and remember them in the future. Readers can figure out the meaning of patterns repeated with different information (e.g. The cat is bigger, and The mouse is bigger). The text also repeats the same information in different forms (e.g. He has an idea. He thinks, “I have an idea.”).



Speech and thought bubbles in the illustrations help all the students in a class keep up with the story. In the back of the book are pop-out characters that can be used as puppets to retell the story. Some of the characters will become familiar to readers as they appear in multiple stories throughout the grades.



With these books, children will not only practice but learn skills described in levels A1 and A2 of CEFR (the Common European Frame of Reference).



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Next time, some tips on using Innova Graded Readers.

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