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Humans and Animals


Trace Your Body Part

(use with Happy Valley 1 Unit 7) 


Give each student a blank piece of paper and crayon. One student traces one of the other student’s body parts. This is great for classes with parents.




Get the Teacher

(use with Happy Valley 1 Unit 8)


Teacher carries the fly flashcard. Give students the frog flashcard. When teacher says Go, students hop around like frogs to try and catch teacher, who is going around acting like a fly. When a student gets the teacher: 

S: I got it!

T: Show card. Is it a bee?

S: No. It’s a fly. 

(Do again with spider, butterfly, etc.)



S: I got it!

T: カードを見せます。Is it a bee?

S: No. It’s a fly. 


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