HOW TO: Podcasts and Audio

How to add a podcast to LTP professionals

After a lot of testing of many different systems, we have found that the best way for us to share a podcast on the LTP sites is through soundcloud. 

There are many reasons, including the ease of use, the power of streaming, device compatibility and free and paid for versions.

The biggest number one use for SoundCloud?  Is that people can comment in the middle of your track.  Yes, lets say your talking about something at minutes: 21.13, people can comment at that moment in time. 


Difference between free and paid

FREE: Maximum of 180 minutes uploaded.

PAID: Unlimited strorage.

How to use

  1. go to and signup for a free account.
  2. Go through setup until it asks you to confirm your email.
  3. confirm your email, then go back to soundcloud and click on “UPLOAD” 2 Upload to soundcloud
  4. On the next screen, add all your information, add your image that you would like to use, add all you need to, at the bottom you have public or private.  Only keep it public if you would like it to be added to the soundcloud page.  Your the creator so this is up to you.  NOTE:  If you would like people to comment on your audio stream, please make the audio public.  If you prefer for people not to comment in the middle of the track, please make it private.3 Make sure its private - if you want
  5. Next, click on metadata and add information you wish to add, and click on permissions and take out “Display embedd code” this is will stop people adding your audio to another website, but this option will always be available for you.  If you want to allow downloads, thats up to you.
  6. once done click save
  7. 4 Permissions - take out embedd code.
  8. Remember to wait until the audio has been uploaded, youll see a blue bar followed by an orange bar.
  9. would recommend if you have the time, in the top right hand corner you can click on the name and here you can add a profile picture and more about you.
  10. Once done, you’ll see your track
  11. On your track, you will see a little button that looks like this : 5 Embed button This is your “Embed” button as shown again here7embed 3
  12. Once you click on the embed button, you will see a box popup.  Click on Embed, and then you get two super cool design options.
  13. Option 1


    Option 2


    8 embed type 1

    9 embed type 2

  14.  Once you have chosen your awesome design, click on “Wordpress code” and copy the code.
  15. The fun part, start another blog, and in the “visual Tab” section of the blog (ie, where you write your content), paste in your code.  Now preview and save your blog and have a look at the awesomeness.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me at  For any other issues not tech related please contact David.

Happy Podding!