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How Much to Automate?


We are developing our own software for operating and automating our schools, after not finding anything on the market that really fit our needs.  One question that has come up, however, is how much we should automate.


I believe the most important factor that will set successful schools apart in the near future is how well they maintain human connections.  If there’s no human connection, the parents might as well choose an online option.  How do we use technology to reinforce, rather than replace, that human connection?


We want to automate any function that distracts our staff from connecting with our students and/or their parents.  Automating billing is a no-brainer.  But how about phone calls to parents?  Should they be able to text us via Line rather than call?  Should they be able to schedule makeup lessons online rather than through an office staff?


Every time we automate a function when a student/parent would normally call to accomplish something is a time we lose an opportunity to make a direct human connection with that student/parent.  Is the staff time saved by automating makeup lessons worth the loss of that human connection?  I’m not so sure.

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