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How do you organize your classroom?

Organization is really important.   A well organized classroom helps teachers quickly locate level appropriate activities/ flashcards…     There is less wasted time searching for a good activity.    And less teacher mistakes:  choosing too easy or too difficult activities for the class.   Your students will learn more and be more confident in a well organized classroom.     

At Dave and Amy English School (, our classroom activities are organized by level and color.   Level is the child’s reading level.    So kids on My English Book and Me 3  (a single letter book, might be doing activities from the 3L section because they can read 3 letters and longer (despite only being able to write single letters).    Likewise, the higher level kinder might be doing Single Letter activities because they are preparing for reading and writing.     


Kinder activities are pink (same as My English Book and Me 1) labeled Kinder.   In this section, we have puzzles that we use at the beginning of class, picture bingos and picture books (lots of movable parts Maisy books) to read as a whole class.    


After the Kinder Section, we have the Single Letter area: colored yellow (to go with the My English Book and Me 3) and labeled SL.    In this area, we have alphabet puzzles, alphabet books (like Alphabet Starters) and single letter flashcards.    We also have question cards that correspond with the question and answers in the MEB1 book.   


Next is the 3 Letter section: colored green (to go with My English Book and Me 4) and labeled 3L.    By 3L, I mean Consonant Vowel Consonant words, such as cat, fix….   as well as longer phonetic words like hospital, batman… Again, we have corresponding puzzles, books, flashcards, bingos and question cards that are appropriate for the 3L area.   


After that, we have the Blends area: colored purple to go with MEB5 (coming soon) and labeled BL.    And then the higher level sections:  Red for MEB6 and Blue for MEB7.   We are in the process of making these books.   However, we already know the words, grammar structures and questions/ answers that will be in the books, so have filled these areas with level appropriate materials.   


Finally, the texts, question cards and reading books for the high level returnee, Jr High School and High School kids.     This section is not color coded.   But we have each text, CD and accompanying files in their own boxes.    With higher level kids we use the English File series.   


Not only does an organized classroom help teachers choose appropriate activities quickly, it helps with quick clean up because every activity is color coded and labelled.   Teachers can quickly locate where each activity should be placed.  

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